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NCOA service updates your mailing list with the most current address information available. Postal Service, over 40 million Americans change their address annually.Do you know which one's from your in-house list they are?Identify the people and businesses that have moved and update your list before you mail with our NCOALink processing.NCOALink 18 contains 18 months of permanent address changes and NCOA contains 48 months of permanent address changes.NCOALink 18 and NCOA provide the following benefits to mailers: Occupant / Exceptional Address Another option afforded to mailers is the use of an Occupant or Exceptional Address. This means for a database of 15,000 accounts, potentially 2500 constituents may have different addresses if your addresses haven’t been cleaned in the last year, which could result in a significant cost in returned or delayed mail.

Instead of losing those names, you can update your database with their most current mailing addresses.

If not already cass certified, Cedar Graphics can perform this service to all mail lists received.

Cass certification is necessary in order to receive a barcode discount National Change Of Address (NCOA) NCOA is a database maintained by the U. Postal Service of all individuals and companies who completed a Change of Address form in the previous four years.

Cass certification adds the last four digits to the zip code making it a zip 4, creating a common format for address matching.

ie 52233-1458 Cass certification is required unless the customer can provide documentation that they have cass certified their list/s prior to submitting to Cedar Graphics.


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