Who is bebe buell dating

Guests included Bebe's husband,musician Jim Wallerstein; Liv's two dads, Steven Tyler and Todd Rundgren; Stella Mc Cartney; David Bowie; Keith Richards; Evan Dando; Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson;and Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal. Let's not ever say that 50-year-old women are over the hill.

(If you haven't read her autobiography Rebel Heart, it's got all the dirt on her relationships with rock gods from Iggy Pop to Elvis Costello.) During our latest run-in, we found Bebe gushing about daughter Liv Tyler's recent wedding to musician Royston Langdon. "It was such an amzing wedding," Bebe says of the party at Manhattan's Pastis.

Her second marriage was to musician Jim Wallerstein in 2002.

Trivia She did not let her daughter Liv know that the iconic rock musician Steven Tyler was her biological father until she turned nine.

In the seventies, she was a successful fashion model—not to mention 1974′s November Playmate of the Month—and Max's Kansas City regular, where she sang into hairbrushes with Patti Smith and befriended (then dated) many a legendary rock musician including Elvis Costello, Todd Rundgren, and Steven Tyler.

Today, she's probably better known as Liv Tyler's mother, but the 58-year-old's about to change that with her first major album, As of late, Buell's dreams of being on stage instead of backstage are working out pretty well.


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