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More than 250 hours of hard work, 3000 images, and 60,000 lines of code went into the effort, divided between two students: Trey Henderson (Class of 2012) and Lauren Shields (Class of 2010).

With all this work, we have successfully archived a thorough record of all the yearbooks dating back to 1954, when the first Model Blue Devil Yearbook was created.

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He hadn't even heard of Video Egg until a week ago. "I usually accomplish everything in the first hour," he says, before pausing for a moment to think this over.The posting of this latest volume updates the collection of Yearbooks already available through the site, dating back to the 1946–47 edition., as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states in the Foreword to the volume, serves “not just as a tool to engage public understanding of our work, but also as a reference by which future generations, which we are obligated to protect and empower, may judge the success of our collective efforts”.conversant in Arabic and Chinese will be glad to know that the 2010 Yearbook Express is now available in these two United Nations official languages as well as English.We’ve all heard of people getting scammed out of large sums of money by opportunists making phony pitches over the phone, by mail or by e-mail and via online websites.For a story, we’re now checking into reports about thieves who steal people’s online photos and then post them on dating websites.Detailed chapter outlines with hyperlinks to key UN official documents and even numerous draft chapters for all 33 Yearbook chapters on United Nations activities and concerns in 2011 can now be reviewed and downloaded for reading and research.


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