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This is nothing new but a direct result of Western civilization giving up the concept of absolutes for the so-called freedom of thought engendered by the Enlightenment philosophers.They may not have been "Fascists" but they sure helped the idea along. | About | Privacy/Terms | Help/FAQs | Blog | Store | APIs | Tiny Cat | Legacy Libraries | Early Reviewers | Common Knowledge | 116,805,176 books!This new book in the Concordia Scholarship Today Series examines how fascist views permeate modern philosophy, art, movies, and eugenics--decades after the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II.

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Refuting this misleading conception of history is important for both Christians and non-Christians alike who hope to understand the depth of Nazi evil.

promote the view that Nazi leaders were Christians alienated from the church.

The conclusion is that although Fascism as a political movement is no longer active, its ideas are still with us, and getting stronger every day.

Our politicians are fascistic and don't even know it, because they follow Enlightenment thinking (when they think at all).


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