Dating gretsch drums

The remaining digits = number of individual instrument, probably. You may want to start in the Guitars section, where you'll find our database of every Gretsch guitar model ever, plus serial numbers, features, examples and more.Most online guides (and quite a few print guides) are based on Jay Scott's groundbreaking book "Gretsch: the guitars of the Fred Gretsch Company," which is a fine book, but is nearly two decades old.Subsequent research has unearthed quite a few inaccuracies in Scott's numbers, so any serial number guides cribbing from Scott are also incorrect.Since these records are no longer available, we are unable to provide detailed production years of individual drums based on serial numbers.

If you'd like to learn more about Gretsch serial numbers, we highly recommend Ed Ball's "Gretsch 6120: The History of a Legendary Guitar." Ball is one of the key researchers who have determined the actual dates, years and features Gretsch serial numbers correspond to.Here is some basic information on the manufacturing dates of Gretsch Drums.With two major fires at the Gretsch factories in the past, most of the historical records were destroyed including any documents referencing serial number details for drum production.Since we can't list it all here, our Vintage Drum Guide houses all the research and history on Rogers Drums and that is the place to get your answers!Thanks for stopping by and take a moment to try some of our special e Bay searches on our Shopping page.If you are learning about your Rogers Drum Set or Rogers Snare Drum and want help then please ask The Drum Experts.


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