Atheist and agnostic dating

She began slowly, asking why I didn’t bless my food (I never do).Then she questioned my spiritual affiliation (I’m not a religious person).Athei is based in Michigan and was launched in July of 2012 after noticing that most singles site have some religious bend and none cater specifically to Atheist and Agnostic singles.Most dating sites today fall into one of two categories.

Tiffany’s brief interrogation led to the coup de grâce: Do you believe in God? In the religious affiliation section of my dating profile (which is how we met), I checked agnostic.

Actually most women know that 60% of black women attend church while only roughly 20% of black men do.

So most of them don’t try to push it on you if you are a good prospect for them.

I think it's great that you declare what I have always felt and it's nice to know "I'm not alone." In any case, I hope to visit often.

As a Yankee Atheist in Florida, I have NO social life.


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