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Yes, these questions are true expressions of our anxiety, but they’re also blunt instruments. In close relationships, we go through all sorts of feelings.

These questions are not necessarily meant to coerce. “No, I don’t still love you,” or even “I love you but less enthusiastically than I did yesterday or will tomorrow” are not answers we can afford to share unless our bags are already packed. They’re often leading questions one couldn’t possibly answer any way but the right way without unleashing a wrath.Just about anyone who has felt the rush of falling in love would agree that the experience is like being strapped into an amusement park thrill ride — a swirling blend of conflicting emotions.Excitement and anticipation compete with a little trepidation at being in the grip of forces beyond one’s control.The greatest feeling when you’re down is knowing you have a mate who’s right by your side through it all.


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