Dating a good man

Stephen Hussey I’ve spoken many times in these blogs about what makes a high value woman.Because of this, sometimes Matt or I will be accused me of not paying enough attention to the men’s side of things.I thought that holding out for an old-fashioned way of dating meant I would get to live out a romance like I’d seen in books and movies.I would meet a Ryan Gosling character, perhaps—bright, witty, charming, and utterly devoted.For example, I’ve often read comments asking “Why not write a piece about what Ok. Usually when confronted with these questions I have a stock answer, which is simply that, were I writing for a male audience, of course I would have a great deal more to say about what men should be doing to impress women and improve themselves (and I have much to say on both).But then I realized: it can only be a constructive and useful exercise to talk about how the best men ought to behave in relationships.

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“What I had first passed off as a cute, catchy song actually asks a serious question that dominated my twenties: Where can I find a good man who might want a good girl like me, and why does it feel like I’m dating in a wasteland?

I’ve been looking for a long term relationship now for about the past 5 years and it’s looking less and less promising.

I live in a metropolitan area where there seems to be many women just like myself, unmarried, no children and alone.

I don’t want to patronize anyone here by assuming you don’t know a good guy from a creep or a selfish a**hole when you see one.

But it never hurts to be reminded of the standard of treatment you should expect from any man in a relationship.


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