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It’s almost as astonishing as the story of how Osprey populations have rebounded from decimation by DDT over the past 30 years!The project was the brainchild of GGAS Executive Director Cindy Margulis, who had watched Ospreys nesting in Richmond even before joining the staff of GGAS, and daydreamed about getting a closer look into the lives of local Ospreys.On Cam Skip, you can meet random strangers for free via your webcam.There is no better way to meet people on the internet than through Cam Skip.

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The friend messaged Kruse while he was in the midst of the crime, and Kruse took a while to respond, annoying his friend.

When Kruse Wellwood, a 16-year-old in British Columbia, raped and murdered a classmate who jilted him, he attempted to set up a digital alibi by sending an instant message to the missing girl asking why she never showed up to meet him.

But the disturbed teen, ironically the son of a convicted murderer who's serving a life sentence for murdering a different 16-year-old girl, left loads of other digital evidence pointing to his crime - including a text message he sent from the site where he and a teen accomplice dumped the body of their victim, Kim Proctor.

But he couldn’t resist the urge to share his story with someone he trusted.

He was afraid of using MSN, but he thought the chat logs in World of Warcraft were less likely to be saved.


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