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Alot was speculated about Rani and Aamir Khan's love interest since then but they never made it public and always maintained friendly relations.

She then began a full-time career in film and gained recognition for a supporting role in the romance Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998).As an actor, he was a director's delight and back then, he wielded considerable influence in the industry.On the other hand, Rani Mukherji was fairly new to Bollywood and was working hard to make a name for herself.On her birthday, we take a look at some of the men Rani Mukerji has been linked up with or shall we say had great times in past. Aamir Khan was an established star while Rani was a newbie, but their crackling chemistry in the movie hit the bull’s eye for the audience.Well their on-screen chemistry translated off-screen as Aamir Khan’s marriage with his first wife Reena hit a rough patch.Sources say they were almost living in and Govinda, a married man with two kids, was even recommending her for his films. Govinda's angry wife Sunita, entered the picture and the affair had to come to an abrupt end.


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