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To our firefighters - Thank you for risking your lives for us, god bless you one & all.

Lewis and Bill Postmus and demand that these brave men be paid decent wages with benefits.

I met him when he was two days old and I was about one and my mother took me to visit him in the Mexican hospital where he was born. We spent a lot of time together as babies but my father remembers the first time that Diego and I really became friends.

I LOVE YOU ROBBIE AND JESSIE I just want to thank all of the firefighters from the bottom of my heart! I have friends that are firefighters and before I met them I had no clue of how things were ran and what kind of things happened and now that I have friends on the Department, I am in total awe in what you guys do. I am 10 years old, I thank the Califonia fire fighters for saving my home.We didn't see each other while I was studying at drama school in London, but when I returned to Mexico and we did Y Tu Mama Tambien together we really renewed our friendship.We were young, so we were discovering the language of acting and it was the most fascinating time for, as is my son Milo."So she said: 'Right, the director's going to phone you later today.' We were out shopping, so I sent the kids and Lou off and I was in a NCP car park and I had the i Pad on the steering wheel and [writer] Tony Gilroy phoned me and we had this Skype chat."Not exactly how you might imagine Hollywood deals being carried out, then.The role was required to remain very hush hush, with Mays adding that the first thing Gilroy told him was that he couldn't tell anyone he was going to be in the film, where his character meets up with Diego Luna's Cassian Andor near the beginning to share some intelligence about the Empire."If you've seen it, the Stormtroopers rock up and it's that thing where you kind of revert to your seven-year-old self again," Daniel said, explaining that he filmed his scene in one day, and found himself living out his childhood dreams while doing so.Even as a child he was such an intelligent and loving person.


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