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Hilarity and romance ensue, and as usual all it takes is just a nudge from everyone’s favorite redheads.By serendipity or happenstance, it turns out that Na Na (Nala) and Karmin know each other, as they had attended school together.

If one forces oneself to marinate long enough on the subject, more political, philosophical reasons will surely emerge.

After hemming and hawing, Amy finally comes out and says: "There's something that doesn't feel authentic about it. Maybe we're going to have to watch more of those [Miley Cyrus videos] before we get it.

It just doesn't feel honest." What makes Karmin's interaction with black culture more "honest"?

I’m shocked that this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a concept album focusing on the zodiac.

The first good thing they did well with this album was putting it in order of the zodiac, instead of in order of the calendar year. Aries are characterized as being naturally brave, confident, determined realists.


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