Greg rikaart dating is internet dating a good or bad thing

I am sad to leave a place I hold so dear but also really excited about what the future holds. I cannot overstate how much gratitude I have to all of you who have been such loud cheerleaders for me. The Emmy-winner soap stud took to Twitter to share a photo from his very special day and wrote, "Holy matrimony" as a caption to the romantic shot. Mahalo, as they say here on Maui."Just last month, Rikaart got candid with the Gay Stars News and revealed that he hopes producers of I think it would be more socially responsible than just bringing on a gay character—to have someone on the canvas that the audience knows and thinks of as family and takes that (coming out) journey."Congratulations to the newlyweds!And as a response to the overwhelming support and well wishes from his legions of followers, the 38-year-old hopped on Twitter one final time to give thanks."So much love today. "In the truest and most pure definitions of the latter words, it is with full hearts that Rob and I take great pride in introducing our son." "He was born in Roseville, CA at pm on 6/12/16," the actor added. Monte, Rob, myself and Marcela, our trooper of a surrogate, are all doing fantastic." Rikaart and Sudduth went public with their relationship in 2013 and married in Maui, Hawaii, last May.Sudduth is an actor and writer who has penned episodes of since 2003.I remember the courage of those who came out four, five and six decades ago, when things we so much bleaker." Last summer, Rikaart penned a blog for Huff Post Gay Voices about his opposition to Chick-fil-A and the company's support of anti-gay groups.

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The 38-year-old The Young and the Restless star announced the news on Twitter along with a photo: character, Kevin, come out as gay.

Rikaart and Sudduth married in Maui on May 9, 2015.

Their first youngster, a child, was conceived June 12, 2016, by means of surrogacy.

I have such love and fondness for the cast and crew of that when I watch Kevin enjoying himself in scenes, it’s hard to know where he ends and Greg begins.

At the moment it is unclear what lies ahead for Kevin and I, as we will be saying goodbye to Genoa City for a while.


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